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Millionaire Recruiter

The Millionaire Recruiter Program - 4 Equal Payments

The Millionaire Recruiter Program - 4 Equal Payments

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Are you ready to start your own recruiting agency, but not sure where to begin? Then The Millionaire Recruiter Program is your solution. I am a successful serial recruiting entrepreneur that loves to share my knowledge and passion with others. I want to help you get your agency off the ground.  

This is a four-month exclusive program intended to help individuals learn the skills needed to run an agency and launch their company. 

This payment plan will be four equal payments of $2,500 spread over a 4-month period. If you would prefer to pay in full, please purchase this product ( instead.

What you get:

  • Each week there will be two one-hour group calls; one features marketing & sales coaching from our marketing team, and the other is with Brianna, where she builds your CEO brain and goes over client and recruiting strategies.
  • Three 45-minute Mastermind Group Calls! One with Brianna to dig deep into your CEO mind, confidence, and direction of your firm. One Personal Mastermind call with Kait to go over the look and feel of your brand.  One Personal Mastermind Call with Taylor to go over short and long-term strategies.
  • A dedicated Accountability Coach will hold a 1:1 monthly check-in call with you. You will have continuous communication with your Coach to answer any questions and keep you on track. 
  • Access to ‘The Millionaire Recruiter Blueprint’ Course, which includes 100+ Videos, 80+ Worksheets / PDFs, and 12+ Hours of Content
  • Access to ‘The Millionaire Recruiter’ Vault where you can watch past live trainings, special guest speakers, and exclusive trainings. 
  • Access to ‘The Millionaire Recruiter Network’, which includes exclusive deals on recruiting software and items needed for your business. Get recruiting support from our team. Get 20% off all of our products & services (merch, coaching, etc). 
  • Practice makes perfect!!! We’ll hold realistic role-play exercises to get you comfortable, stepping into your new role. Once you are ready, I can shadow a candidate and potential client call to ensure your first try is successful.
  • We can help you set up your agency for success!
    • Review and help you build a high-profile LinkedIn =$149 value
    • Review and help you build outreach sequences for clients and candidates= $567 value
    • We will help you build strategies on getting visibility for you and your new agency =$2,200 value
      • Content
      • How to be active on LinkedIn without looking spammy
      • Set up your LinkedIn company page
  • 20% lifetime discount on all our trainings for the team you will build
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